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Ken's Web Site

This is the personal website for Kenneth A. Kuhn. The following internal links are the contents of this site.  The colors represent a broad spectrum of interests. The large font bold links are the main pages and the small font links are short cuts to selected portions of the main pages.

Page updated Jan. 29, 2024

Site map
This is a map of direct links to all of the .htm, .html, .txt, and .pdf files on this site. To keep the list from being excessive, other file types such as .xls, jpg, mp3, .cwp, etc. are omitted. This is a quick way to browse the entire site.
EE351            EE431/EE531
Information for electrical engineering students in my EE351 andEE431 / EE531 classes I taught (now retired) as an adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Useful information, spreadsheets, programs, etc. for electronics engineering.
Ken's HP Museum
Vintage Manual Scans
Dating Vintage Instruments
HP Memoirs and Stories
My personal museum of many hundreds of pieces of vintage test equipment manufactured by the Hewlett Packard Company, now Keysight Technologies.Click this direct link to the California Museum Pictorial Tour of the Packard Family Exhibit as mentioned in the Sept. 2007 issue of HPREC news. I loaned an HP200B unit for this exhibit.
Economics and Investing
Writings on economics and intelligent investing. A few articles are here now. More are coming as soon as I have time. A major piece is The Trillion Dollar Scandalwhich details what really happened with the housing bubble and Wall Street debacle in 2008. Failure of the Progressive Taxis must reading.
Commentaries     Short Stories
Taxes     Words of Wisdom
Various articles I and some others have written. These range from commentaries on common issues to short stories, often humorous about real incidents, to straight talk about taxes and a number of pieces against socialism -- The Compassionate Squirrels is a fable told from the perspective of squirrel society that foretells the ultimate end of the United States -- actually it is already happening -- note the exodus from many major metropolitan areas as per the fable. The Words of Wisdom is a collection of hundreds of thoughts from countless persons.
Pictures and stories of the cats in my life.
Compositions     Performances
The Revelation of Nature
My interests in Classical music and composing. There are over seven hours of mp3 files of my compositions and arrangements. The Revelation of Nature is my composition of a lifetime and is an orchestral epic tone poem that is nearly two and a half hours long in four movements. There is a nice collection of marches, piano preludes, and drafts of three symphonies I hope to complete someday.
Email contact info
I like to hear from you so feel free to email.